Business Colleague

“The focused clarity with which Danuta takes to her task can only be described as a master in action.  With a sensitive and sincere approach to creating and completing a top notch customized result, one can only relax into the process and know that what comes out of it will surpass your expectations.” 

Grace Valador, MBA, Life & Business Coach,
Strategic Implementation Inc.



Legal action was necessary against my ex-husband regarding unpaid expenses and child support. I was faced with an overwhelming task of sorting through many lengthy emails going back years regarding said expenses as well as locating receipts. After a few moves my desk had become a dumping ground, and with a special needs child there were copious amounts of documents and applications that were both important and time-sensitive. Danuta organized every scrap of paper on my desk, re-organized every file in my cabinet, located every receipt, read, printed, and organized every email so I didn’t have to. I know without Danuta’s help I would never have been reimbursed for the money owed me. In addition, I am left with a system I can continue to use. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of a little or a lot of help. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.



Check out my brilliant friend Danuta's new business. Had my ex-husband used her services, his children would have received a few of his personal possessions when he died but instead his now remarried wife has them. Otherwise known as the Suzie Syndrome.



Overwhelmed with trying to get your files and/or paperwork under control? Got a hoarding problem? Trying to just make sense of it all? (Link to website referenced.)