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Requests for Personal Affairs Organizer assistance varies and every project is unique. I've outlined a few examples of past / ongoing engagements, some of which I have personally experienced.

I understand what you are going through.

So contact me and let me know how I can get-u-sorted with your personal request.

It all starts with an initial discussion.

Personal Paperwork - Family Court

Mummy-daughterA client had to prepare an overwhelming amount of paperwork for family court with receipts for extraordinary expenses and other documents. Five years worth! 

Fearful of confronting the ex-spouse, the client had been too emotionally frozen to deal with the required paperwork, but there was a considerable amount of funds at stake, including an adjustment in child support and expenses that were long overdue.

All sorted and organized, making it easier for the lawyer to prepare and start the legal process, reducing those costs considerably.

Personal Property List for your Will

We've all heard the stories - or have been part of them.

Arguing over items promised, siblings squabbling over valuables, families torn apart. Often, the issue usually is that what was promised verbally was never written down.

Story: My client  had remarried late in life, her spouse had grown-up children; her only family consisted of a grown-up son and an older sister. An unexpected health problem required her to "put her affairs in order".

She had a list of items she wanted to assign, but didn't know where to start. She needed help to identify, capture and document the specific pieces she wanted to pass on so that she could focus on a positive outcome for her upcoming treatment.

Property Division

For some couples, the division of property resulting in a divorce or separation, can be agreed upon quickly and easily. For others, it is an emotionally distraught undertaking.

Either way, it may be worthwhile to have a neutral third party capture and document this for you to ensure there are no misunderstandings as you go through this, quite often, painful legal process.

(As always, please seek professional legal advice concerning the division of property or any matter involving a separation and/or divorce.)

Miscellaneous Projects

laptop-868501_1920There are numerous personal tasks that you know just need to be done, but for whatever reason, you don't have the time, skills or patience to tackle, such as:
Finally, get those personal tasks and projects sorted!
  • Identify and list important personal documents such as passports, birth certificates, medical records, etc., and create a “family box”
  • Preparing documents and associated paperwork for family court and assist in crafting affidavit content and responses
  • Blending of families and assets - clearly identifying property ownership
  • Finally sort out family and personal paperwork such as medical/school/dental records, warranties on electronics, school reports, receipts and other important documents

Technical / Online
I can help bridge the gap between task and technology

  • Online bill payment, e-transfer of funds, account review etc.
  • Cleaning up and organizing your inbox to make it manageable (and learn how to manage it yourself)
  • Making the transition to online banking, paying bills electronically, etc.
  • Personal file management on your computer - finally sort out those documents, photos and numerous files
  • Personal documents needing Word expertise and support, like creating a family cookbook
  • Backup of files to jump drives or use Dropbox

Have a special request not on the list? Contact me and see if I can help get-u-sorted.