Personal Files

Are your bills, warranties, medical and/or school records and other important documents and files sitting in one big pile? Or several, scattered in numerous places?  Are your electronic and email files in an untidy, disorganized and disconnected mess?

Let me put my document organizational skills into practice and finally sort these out for you into a manageable filing system that makes sense – to you!

I’ve helped many people get their paperwork under control so that they can quickly access their important documents when needed.

How’s your inbox looking? Have you ever organized your emails into folders? The same method for filing and organizing can be applied to your emails.

Still too busy? Regular onsite visits can be scheduled to do the filing for you!

Want to do online banking but don’t know where to start? There are so many benefits to conducting your banking online: no waiting in line, access whenever it suits you, keep track of your statements and investments, pay your bills quickly and easily, all from the comfort and convenience of your own home or wherever you wish.

So contact me and let me know how I can get-u-sorted with your personal request.

It all starts with an initial discussion.