Word software can be challenging and daunting to use, especially when beyond the basics is needed. As a user of Microsoft Word since Version 1 (way back in the deep, dark DOS days!), I have built my career and services creating templates, applying layout and design, formatting to branding/styles for consistency in look and feel, to become a Document Specialist.

Personal and individual request include a variety of projects, such as as a family cookbook, self-publishing books, résumés (formatting and content editing), small business reports, responding to contract requests, submitting “after meeting” follow-up notes, and so much more.

Setting up the document ready for populating for personal or small business often needs the assistance of a Document Specialist so you can focus on the content. Coaching and advising document flow draws upon my marketing and sales industry expertise.

So contact me and let me know how I can get-u-sorted with your personal request.

It all starts with an initial discussion.

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